Old School Gift Shop

This list below is a PRICE LIST of current items available by mail order. Click here to download the full Gift Shop Order Form.


  • Middlefield: Lake Otsego’s Eastern Shore, by Dominick J. Reisen ($20.00)

  • Middlefield and the Settling of the New York Frontier, by Dominick J. Reisen ($25.00)

  • Inscriptions from the Middlefield Baptist Cemetery, by Dominic J. Reisen ($5.00)

  • A History and Celebration, 1974 ($1.00)
    A reprint of the handout at Middlefield’s first Community Weekend, “Old Middlefield Days”, in 1974. Includes a 5-page historical chronology of education related topics from 1755 to 1974, as well as a list of all known teachers and District Superintendents.

  • A Tribute to My Parents, Including a Description of Their Life in Early 1900’s Rural Otsego County, by Charles G. Aspinwall ($5.00)

  • The Hop Farmer’s Year: The Seasons, Tools and Methods of Hop Growers in New York State’s Golden Age of Hops, by Albert C. Bullard ($22.00)
    Written by a TMHA member who was crowned “Hop King” of the 2002 Madison County (New York) HOP FEST.

  • Hawthorn Hill Journal: Selected Essays, by Richard de Rosa ($25.00)
    A series of essays written by a local retired English teacher who is a keen observer of the natural world (and human nature).

  • Winding Down: The Revolutionary War Letters of Lt. Benjamin Gilbert of Massachusetts, 1780-1783. Edited by John Shy ($15.00)
    The Gilberts became prominent Middlefield family after the Revolutionary War.

  • The Civil War: A History in 3-D ($20.00)
    Restored stereo photos from 1861-1865 with historical commentary. Includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

  • History of Otsego Lodge No. 138, F. & A.M., Cooperstown, New York. Village Bicentennial Edition, 90 pages. Compiled and commentary by Richard Vang ($5.00)

  • Frontier Justice: The Rise and Fall of the Loomis Gang by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. ($20.00)
    A well documented account of the infamous family whose criminal activity terrorized the residents of central New York in the 19th Century.

  • Eva Coo, Murderess, by Niles Eggleston ($15.00)
    The story of the 1934 Otsego County murder that sent Eva Coo to the electric chair at Sing Sing

  • Tales from Hinman Hollow, by B. C. Stevens. Revised edition 2002 ($9.00)
    Memories, observations and reflections of a country boy from rural America’s Otsego County, New York in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

  • Children’s Fables from Hinman Hollow, by B. C. Stevens ($9.00)


  • 1868 Middlefield Town Map, Beers Atlas. Reprint. ($3.00)

  • 1903 Middlefield Town Map. Reprint. ($3.00)

  • Middlefield Tee Shirt ($10.00 - S, M, L, XL)

  • Middlefield Sweat Shirt ($15.00 - S, M, L, XL)

  • Middlefield Fire Department Christmas Ornament ($1.00)

  • Middlefield Schoolhouse Christmas Ornament ($1.00)

  • Middlefield Schoolhouse Pin ($1.00)

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